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Family Comments

"God has given you a very special talent. He has blessed you with a loving passion and heart. I can never thank you enough for all the love and care that you gave momma during her stay at the Hospice House. Thank you for all the kindness you showed me and my family. You will always be family to me now!"

"Thank you for the wonderful care you provided to our loved one. We are very appreciative of your support in helping him get well enough to return home, where his final wishes could be carried out. The personalized care was top notch."

"I can't thank you enough for the love and compassion you showed my family and my grandfather. He spent his final three days at the Hospice House and we all found comfort and peace."

"Mother and I were both very impressed with Hospice. I know that many people in Rutherford County worked hard to make it a reality. I'm so glad my aunt could be there rather than alone in her home."

"Thank you to all that you guys do for so many familes and their loved ones. I for one have been thankful many times for the help and prayers and support Hospice has brought to my family."

"Thank you for the respectful and caring treatment you gave my mother, me and my family.  Losing a mother is difficult, but your constant compassion, understanding and support helped me in ways I cannot express."

"There aren’t adequate words to express the gratitude I, as well as other members of our family, feel for all you did for her before and after her death. You have helped restore my faith in the goodness of people." 

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of having Hospice involved in the last weeks of Mother’s life. Everyone I came in contact with was so caring, helpful and concerned. Thank you to all of you who made Mother’s passing easier to bear, and a special thank you to the volunteers who freely gave their time to visit with Mother so I could get a few hours rest."


"I will ever be grateful to all of you, and our stay at the Hospice House was so helpful. I felt that he got excellent care."

"Words alone are not enough to thank each of you for the loving care and compassion shown to all of us. I could not ask for a more compassionate group of people. May God bless you as you continue to care for people in need."

"The Hospice team did an excellent job in all areas."

"We have never experienced anything like the services at Hospice. Everything was above our expectations."

"Everyone was compassionate and caring. I couldn’t have asked for better service."

 "I don’t know how I could have made it through those last days without the help from Hospice. We are all so blessed to have such wonderful people to help us."

HORC Testimonials

"While I’ve known about Hospice for years, I never realized what you did. I can never thank you enough for what you did for my sister and me."

"We were very pleased with the care from the very beginning. The Hospice House staff was wonderful to Daddy and our family."

"I could write pages about the wonderful people at Hospice. Honestly, my family and I would have been lost taking care of Daddy without you."

"I will never be able to say enough good things about all the staff and their loving care."

"All were a true gift from God. I have never experienced such compassion and love."Hospice Testimonials

"Hospice showed love, care and compassion for the patient and family members."

"Thank you to the professional, kind, caring, wonderful Hospice team."

"Hospice is the best organization ever. The care is excellent."

"Thank you for the excellent care you provided."

"Hospice was outstanding. I am so glad you were there for the family."

"You don’t fully understand how much Hospice helps until you need their services and then wonder how you got by before."

"We were so blessed to have had such kind, loving people to provide mother with the very best care possible. We also appreciate the kindness you always showed toward the rest of the family."

"Thank you very much for all the loving care you gave our aunt. We do appreciate you all so much, and thank you for the help you give so many families. You are truly God sent."


"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making life more bearable for our mother."

"Thank you for your kind, loving and exemplary care of our Dad. No words could express the deep gratitude we have to you all, as well as to God for you. All of us thank each of you with deepest respect and grateful hearts."

"We would like to thank all of you for the kindness and care you gave our father during his illness. He really enjoyed your visits, and you always made him feel special. Thank you also for the Hospice crisis nurses you sent to sit with him at Willow Ridge. It was a great comfort having them by his side."

"Our family wishes to gratefully thank you for the care you gave our father. He was much aware of the tender loving care, and the love and warmth involved with it. This gave him more peace and comfort. Hospice was an unexpected answer to our prayers. You and your organization will never be forgotten."

"It means so much what you did for us. We wish to thank everyone involved in helping to take care of our mother. We were so blessed to have had such kind, loving people to provide mother with the very best care possible. We also appreciate the kindness you always showed toward the rest of the family."

Family Comments"I truly do not know how we would have survived without your love and support. You truly are angels on earth. Thank you!"

"You saw us through it all. Thank you for being there for my family. I couldn’t have asked for more."

"The Hospice Team provides excellent care in every aspect. I cannot praise them enough."

"I appreciate Hospice very much. I want to thank you for everything you did for us."

"I cannot express how grateful we are for the people involved and the services provided."

"Everyone was very nice. It is good to know there are still wonderful people like you in our county. Thank you so much."

"Your staff is the best. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your help."

"The staff did a wonderful job and we looked forward to them coming to our home. Thank you so very much."

Memorial Testimonials"I was very pleased with Hospice. It takes special people to do what they do. They are so gentle & kind."

"I would like to say that Hospice was like a breath of fresh air in spring during a very sad situation. I’m so thankful they were there when I needed them."

"I am so happy I was able to get my Dad into the Hospice facility. I was so impressed with the staff and their desire to care for the patients with the utmost respect."

"I’m grateful to have known the Hospice team. They were caring, efficient, kind and helpful. Thank you for making our lives easier and being so good to my husband."


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